Collection of Historical Mineral and Rock Specimens

This unit was recently formed from specimens of minerals, ores and rocks that are advisable to preserve as separate entities rather than as an incorporated part of the core mineral or rock collection.

Number of items
6,017 (as of 12.31.2013).

Senior Curator of the Department of Mineralogy and Petrology: Gábor Papp
Responsible curators by collection subunits: Annamária Kis (Collection of J. Szabó; Collection of Ch. A. Zipser-gyűjtemény; Collection of thin sections); Gábor Papp („Collection of specimens with old labels”); Boglárka Anna Topa (Collection of historical research samples)

Remarkable collections

The collection has cabinet cadastral invetory sytem
Data of specimens are available at our location in the digitised inventories in Excel

The collection is closed to the public. Scholarly visitors are received upon prior arrangement with the curator responsible for the collection unit in question.
Most collection materials are available for scientific examination for external researchers.
To discuss any of your requests, please contact our curator, Gábor Papp:

On-site examination
Terms and Conditions (PDF)
Research permit form (DOC)