Collection of Mineral Raw Material Samples

This collection contains samples of metallic and non-metallic (ores and “non-ores”) mineral raw materials. The first unit we preserve was the bauxite geological collection of György Bárdossy, received by the museum in 1991. In addition to ore (i.e. bauxite) samples, it includes specimens of the underlying and overlying rocks of the deposits as well. Development of the collection by aquisition of more different kind of mineral raw materials is in progress.

Senior Curatorof the Department of Mineralogy and Petrology: Gábor Papp
Responsible curator: Boglárka Anna Topa

Number of items
Approximately 2,059
The collection is provided withnearly 2,000 offprints in respect of bauxite geology, from György Bárdossy. They are retained in our reference library of the Department.

The collection has a cabinet-cadastral inventory system.
The Hungarian part of the bauxite geology collection is arrayed by localities. Specimens from abroad are arranged by countries and within a country, by localities. Data of specimens is available at our location in digitised inventories in Excel
The offprint collection follows in alphabetical order of the authors.
The collection is closed to the public. Scholarly visitors are received upon prior arrangement with the curator: responsible for the collection. Scientific research based on collection material is possible according to the Research Policy of the HNHM.

On-site examination

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