Collection of Specimens for Destructive Sampling

This unit of the collection contains specimens that do not need to be preserved in their intact condition (e.g. damaged specimens, indistinctive specimens without locality data, analytical samples), therefore, their primary function is to be reference materials for research. The artificial materials that serve as comparative pieces also belong to this section.

Senior Curator of the Department of Mineralogy and Petrology: Gábor Papp
Responsible curators of the subunits: Melinda Jánosi (mineral samples and man-made materials) Annamária Kis (rock samples); Gábor Papp (mineral samples)

Number of items
Approximately 239.

The collection has a cabinet-based registry.
Data of specimens are available for search at our location in digitised inventories in Excel.

The collection is closed to the public. Scholarly visitors are received upon prior arrangement with the curator responsible for the collection subunit: Scientific research based on collection material is possible according to the Research Policy of the HNHM.

On-site examination

Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Research permit form (DOC)