Lichen Collection

In our collection we preserve 94,500 specimens of 4,000 species that represent approximately 2/3 of the lichen species of the world. Only one third of our material originate from Hungary, the other two thirds of them were collected abroad.

The value of the collection is reflected not only by the large number of specimens, but also by the remarkable amount of type specimens. The genera of the collection were arranged in taxonomic order (Zahlbruckner’s system), however, we are also concerned with alphabetical ordering according to modern nomenclature applied in most of the great lichen collections all over the World.
Lichen collection's history

Curator: László Lőkös
Preparator: Frigyesné Lehoczky

Collection size
Core collection: 94,500 specimens (representing ca 4,000 species)
Type collection: 1,311 specimens                                                                

Checklist of lichens of Hungary by Verseghy 1994 (714 species)
Revised checklist of Hungarian lichenised and lichenicolous fungi by Lőkös & Farkas 2009 (866+56 species)

Inventory order
Cabinet catalogue (and inventory number)

Locality data of the Hungarian specimens (29,750) and the types (1,311) are in searchable database (CDS-microISIS and MS Excel).
List of types (A–L), (M–X) [link,
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