Pteridological Collection

General introduction

The Pteridological Collection comprises material of the Carpathian Basin as well as other parts of the World. The genera are ordered according to Christensen’s system; the species are stored in alphabetical order within the genera. Currently, the number of sheets surpasses 52,000 and this collection is among the three large stones in Central Europe.
An essential part of the collection originates from Europe, particularly from the Carpathian Basin. There is a general interest in the species of Dryopteris and Asplenium of this region; the taxonomic revision of these species is almost continuous. The most popular items of our tropical specimens are the Aloisio Sodiro’s material from Ecuador, collected in the 19th century.

Collection size
Total number of specimens: more than 52,000 sheets

Head of the collection: Júlia Tamás.


Searching in the collection is available by name of the species conventionally. No database is available.

Our collection is open for visitors by appointment only.
Collection materials are available for loan and scientific examination by external researchers.
To discuss any of your requests please contact the curator [link az e-mail címre].

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