Remarkable collections

Bauxite geological collection of György Bárdossy

The collection was received from ALUTERV-FKI Research Company in 1991. Most of the samples were either collected by György Bárdossy (1925–2013), author of the handbook “Karst Bauxites” and co-author of “Lateritic Bauxites”, or they were sent to him for preservation from Hungarian geologists such as Bálint Balkay, Kálmán Barnabás, Tibor Erdélyi, Károly Ferencz, Éva Gecse, Tihamér Gedeon, Gyula Károly, János Kiss, György Komlóssy, Jenő Noszky, Elemér Szabó, Elemér Vadász, István Vörös,) and  from foreign collectors, such as  G. J. J. Aleva (coauthor of “Lateritic Bauxites”), S. I. Beneslavskyy, S. Buser, V. A. Eyles, R. E. Grim, W. D. Keller, A. de Lapparent, N. A. Lisitsina, J. Papastamatiou, N. V. Pastukhova, P. Robert, S. B. Sadleir and P. Vetter. The scientific value of the collection is largely enhanced by the documentation of several specimens that contains chemical, X-ray and electron microscopic studies of the samples.
Approximately half of the 2,500 items came from abroad.