senior curator
Department of Zoology
Coleoptera Collection
H-1088 Budapest, Baross utca 13. Hungary
Mailing address: 
H-1431 Budapest, POB 137, Hungary
+36-1-267-7100 ext. 124
Postgraduate/doctoral degrees: 
Research interest: 

Taxonomy of Indo-Malayan Tenebrionidae
Taxonomy of Indo-Australian and Indo-Malayan Lagriini
Taxonomy of Palearctic Coccinellidae
Faunistics of Hungarian Coleoptera

Actual research: 

Catalogue of Tenebrionidae types housed in the Hungarian Natural History Museum
Checklist of the Hungarian Coleoptera

Expeditions and study trips: 

(outside Europe)

2007: Nicaragua
2002: Taiwan (twice)
1998: Laos (Dong Hua Xao and Phou Khao Kouay NBCAs)
1995: Malaysia (Cameron Highlands and Pulau Tioman)
1993: Indonesia (Gunung Palung National Park in Kalimantan Barat)
1992: Kenya (Mt. Elgon and Mt. Kenya)
1988: North Korea (Kumgang-san and Paekdu-san)
1982: Armenia
1981: Uzbekistan


1995–, Zootaxonomy: Beetles – University of Veterinary Medicine


Contribution to several major permanent and temporary exhibitions (writing exhibit script, planning and arrangement of exhibitions)

Science dissemination: 

Appearance in Radio and TV programmes
Publishing popular in science magazines, both in print and online
Performances at special museum events (eg. the Night of Museums)
Guiding visitors in the collection upon request 

Selected publications:


MERKL O. & VIG K. 2009: Bogarak a pannon régióban. – Vas Megyei Múzeumok Igazgatósága, B. K. L. Kiadó, Magyar Természettudományi Múzeum, Szombathely, 494 pp. 

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SABU T. K., MERKL O. & ABHITHA P. 2007: A new Luprops species from Western Ghats with redescriptions and identification key to the species of Indian Peninsula and Sri Lanka (Tenebrionidae: Lagriinae: Lupropini). – Zootaxa 1636: 47–58. 

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