Parasitological Collection

Parasitology research began in The Hungarian Natural History Museum in 1963. The founder and first director of the individual collection was István Szabó. In less than two decades, he and his colleagues developed this section into an internationally significant collection. 
In addition to parasites from the Carpathian Basin we have remarkable materials from India, Mongolia, Korea, Nepal and Cuba. The unit of mammalian parasites is the most complete in Europe. 

Senior curator: Gubányi András

Collection size
Total specimens: approximately 300 thousand (28, 830 parasites of parasite-positive host animals)  
Number of species: 1,323 –Representation of the Hungarian fauna is 90 per cent.
Number of typed: 512T ??
Library: 340 specialist books

Remarkable collections
Via purchase and donation our materials were enriched by the followings::
Sándor Dudich’ flea collection 
Parasitology and manuscript collection of Sándor Kotlán and Béla Edelényi 
Ottó Sey’s Amphistoma-collection

In addition to cadasters, our collection has an individual computerized registration system. The continuously expanding digital database contains the processed and determined items. 
Our collection is open for visitors by appointment only.
Collection materials are available for loan and scientific examination by external researchers.
To discuss any of your requests, please contact our curator at the following address:

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