Hymenoptera Collection

The collection belongs to the first ten major Hymenoptera collections of the world. The most represented geographic areas apart from the Carpathian Basin are the temperate zone of the Palearctic regions (Mongolia, Korean Peninsula), the tropical regions (New Guinea, East Australia) and South America (Argentina, Brazil).  We own internationally significant materials of the groups of Symphyta, Ichneumonoidea, Chalcidoidea, Chrysidoidea, Sphecoidea, Pompiloidea, Formicidae and Apoidea.
The number of the specimens are estimated approximently 900,000; the type specimens account for about 10,000. The gall collection, as far as we know, is the  largest one of the world preserving more than 31,000 capsules.

Curator: Zoltán Vas
Volunteers: Istvánné Domonkos

Remarkable personalities:
Curators (in chronological order):
Mocsáry, Sándor (1870–1910); Szabó-Patay, József (1914–1944); Stohl, Gábor (1944–1949); Móczár, László (1937–1951; 1956–1969); Bajári, Erzsébet (1948–1963); Papp, Jenő (1970–1995); Zombori, Lajos (1975–2007); Csősz, Sándor (2002–2012); László, Zoltán (2006–2007); Répási, Viktória (2008–2009); Vas, Zoltán (2012–)
Hungarian guest researchers and remarkable collectors (in alphabetical order):
Ambrus, Béla; Balás, Géza; Bíró, Lajos; Diószeghy, László; Erdős, József; Györfi, János; Haris, Attila; Józan, Zsolt; Méhes, Gyula; Melika, George; Mikó, István; Móczár, Miklós; Muskovits, József; Paszlavszky, József; Pillich, Ferenc; Sajó, Károly; Szépligeti, Győző; Szilády, Zoltán; Tanács, Lajos; Zilahi-Kiss, Endre.

Genus list of the entire collection is available.

The locally available, specimen based digital databases contain the identified Ichneumonidae material (more than 31,000 records), the majority of the type material (approximately 8,000 records) and all specimens of the protected species in Hungary (about 2,000 records).

The collection is open for visitors by appointment only.
Most collection materials are available for loan and scientific examination for external researchers.
To discuss any of your requests, please contact our curator at the following address: vas.zoltan@nhmus.hu

Research loans
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On-site examination
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